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Types of Financial Aid

Financial aid helps students and their families pay for college. It can cover a range of educational expenses, like tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation.
Loans are funded by governments or private lenders.

Scholarships are essentially free money to pay for school.


Grants are given to students who demonstrate financial need.


Program offers flexible part-time jobs around student schedules.

Essential Savings Calculators

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The most popular calculators are the Expected Family Contribution, Loan Prepayment, and Loan Payment calculators.

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What the Press Says

  • Make it your first stop. This site offers some of the best 'how to' guidance on securing financial aid.
  • It's a fabulous resource with calculators and other resources to help you figure out the best repayment method for you.
    HuffPost Life
  • It's the hottest site on the Internet for financial aid tips.
    New York Daily News
Title IV Institution Codes
Title IV Institution Codes

Learn all about the Federal School Code, why you need it and where to find it.

Expected Family Contribution
Expected Family Contribution

Discover legal ways you can reduce your EFC and thereby maximize your eligibility for financial aid.